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Gradual restart of activities

On May 11, as announced by the French President, the university will slowly and gradually come out of the lockdown as each person finds a new balance between work and personal obligations.

Publication : 15/05/2020
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The University's progressive activity recovery plan (PRPA) was drawn up by the organizations representing staff within the technical and Health and Safety committees in collaboration with representatives of the other university components. The plan was recently communicated to all the managers and heads of departments. As new questions arise, the plan will be adjusted and enlarged.

More information is also provided in the FAQ section available on the University of Côte d'Azur website at: http: // univ-

The plan encourages staff to keep on working from home and to limit face-to-face work as much as possible. Each department head is responsible for finding ways for staff members to continue their activities while limiting their presence on site. Solutions may be found by adapting working hours or organizing rotations depending on the requirements of the department and the obligations of each staff member.

Strict measures must be taken to maintain physical distances: no meetings of more than 10 people are allowed, a minimum distance of one meter must be maintained between individuals, and masks must be worn in shared spaces at least (download the instructions about the basic protective measures and how to wear a mask). CROUS cafeterias will stay closed to ensure sanitary conditions. All staff members are responsible for organizing their activities and following strict rotation schedules when using rest areas.

All of the University's buildings will be cleaned daily. Masks, hand sanitizer gel, visors, disinfectant and wipes will be provided to allow staff members to keep on working in conditions that prevent the virus from spreading. The different campus directors are in charge of organizing the distribution of these supplies. In the case of research units, supplies will be provided to all persons currently working on site irrespective of their employer.

The plan also provides for the need to find solutions for individual concerns. A multidisciplinary support unit was created to respond to all the medical, psychological, and social problem that could arise for staff members who wish to come back to work or who are not able to do so.

If you are uncertain about how you will keep on working after the lockdown is lifted, if you are worried about the situation or if you wonder how the university will respond to certain issues, you can send a message to

The recovery plan is also an opportunity to keep on improving our methods for managing remote work by implementing flexible procedures, setting clear limits on work time and allowing staff members to disconnect.
Our transition back to work will be a success if we maintain the collective energy that we developed during the lockdown. We are counting on the solidarity and sense of responsibility of all our staff members to maintain the momentum.
"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well ..." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). The solidarity that sprung up during this difficult period is full of promises for the future of our university.

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