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Sport policy

Université Côte d'Azur has a proactive policy of welcoming and supporting the success of high-performance university athletes.

The goal: to succeed the double project "sports excellence and academic and professional success".

High-performance sports students enrolled in the Institution can obtain, upon request, a status of Sports Student High University Level (SHNU) and benefit from personalized support.


UNSH referents by component

They are the follow-up and the direct interlocutor of the student athlete, true transmission belt with the university pedagogical team on the one hand, the high-level project manager of the establishment and the student athlete's club. somewhere else.

Law faculty:




IUT: the study director of each DUT



UCA Sport Club

This is the UCA sports association. It allows student athletes to shine the colors of their university and their club in university championship of France, Europe and the World.

The referents sports disciplines

It is the sports supervisors who accompany, select and supervise the university athletes for their participation in the various competitions.

The French Federation of University Sports

It organizes and promotes competitive sport for all students of Higher Education (Universities and Grandes Ecoles). It has a league of the South, which ensures the local relay.


To support you in your career as a university athlete, Université Côte d'Azur implements personalized support to help secure your career. Your rights and duties are explained below. With the Sports status of High Level University, you agree to reconcile your sports and academic goals.

Teaching Accompaniments

- Specific organization of the timetable (attendance rules, choice TD / TP)

- Arrangement of the exams (modalities of control of adapted knowledge, staggered sessions, conservation of the notes and UE acquired ...)

- Adjustment of the duration of the courses: the establishment of a contract of progression in the diploma which can relate to several years.

- Personalized support (sponsorship, tutoring, support courses)

University Accompaniments

- Free FFSU license

- CROUS: 1 additional device; possibility of having a student room (following a withdrawal of housing request)

Duties of UNHS

- Represent when it is compatible with UCA sports and university schedules in sports events

- Commit to communicate about their academic affiliation during interactions with the media

- To associate as much as possible with the events set up by the university

- Respect the rules of sports ethics.


The procedure for applying for the status of High-performance university athlete (SHNU in french) 

The application for status is made by the student to the SHNU manager: .

This application must be accompanied by the necessary documents:

  • demand for high level athlete,
  • signed charter,
  • attestation of an official sporting body.

Your file is then studied by the SHNU commission. The commission meets at least once every academic semester.

As soon as the SHNU committee grants the status of SHNU to the students, the university, the component director or the component SHNU referee, the sports supervisor and the student concerned are kept informed. All engage in the student-athlete project through the signing of the pedagogical and sports engagement contract.


From Cannes to Menton, University Côte d'Azur is located on a territory of sports excellence with many clubs at the best level. The universitie's high-level sport policy is based on its territorial roots through privileged partnerships and close collaborations.