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Create your future with our MSc programs

Important dates

 >> Applications are open until June 15, with a possible second round of applications during the summer.

>> English guidelines are available on the application platform.

Apply here

>> Applications are reviewed from January until June.

>> You should receive a reply within two months after submitting your application.

>> Applications for international students through Campus France are open until March 6.

>> We recommend that you apply through the Campus France website to make it easier to apply for a visa.

>> However it is still mandatory to apply at the same time through our platform!

>> Once your application has been accepted by the academic team of your program.

>> The first thing to do is to confirm your application on the ecandidat platform!


>> You will receive an email from the MSc Student Office with the registration file. Fill it out and send it back to us.

>> We will take care of your official registration at the University Côte d'Azur in July and August.

>> As soon as it is ready, you will receive an email with your registration certificate during the summer!


more information here

>> As soon as your application has been accepted!

>> You will need time to sort several things out, such as your registration, visa, housing, health insurance, etc.

>> You can find more information and guidelines here:

How to prepare?

>> Most of our MSc programs start in September.

>> Your course coordinator will inform you of the exact date when you are expected to start courses.


>> Are you having problems with your visa? Pleas keep us informed!


>> You start to pay your tuition fees as soon as you have filled out the registration file.

>> The MSc Student Office will contact you with different payment options.


For students enrolling in the first year of an MSc program:

>> The deadline for tuition payment is October 31.


For students enrolling in the second year of an MSc program:

>> The deadline for tuition payment is December 31.

More information on the tuition fees


>> If you came to France on a long-stay visa used as residence permit (VLS-TS in French), you must validate your visa as soon as you arrive in France.

>> You must validate your visa within 3 months of your arrival in France at the very latest.

>> The entire process is carried out online:

Visa validation

>> The last step of the validation is the purchase of a virtual excise stamp online on the same website. We recommend that you make this purchase with a French credit card ("carte bleue"). 


This online procedure has recently replaced registration with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII). Once completed, you will obtain an online certificate which is the equivalent of the previous OFII approval.

>> You start the process as soon as you have received your visa and your certificate of registration.

>> This basic health insurance is 100% free.

>> Registration is mandatory for every student in France, and the entire procedure is done online: