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PhD Workshop - Scientific Publishing and its ethical aspects

26/04/2019   :   09h00
Amphitheater Mozart, MINES PaisTech, Sophia-Antipolis
Publication : 26/04/2019
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Scientific publishing is one of the major activities of scientists, bringing to the scientific community research results. It is also the major assessment of the activity of a research scientist. The objective of this workshop organized by the IT Doctoral School is to describe scientific publishing and its social, scientific, economical and ethical aspects. Some tips about publications will be given in order to help beginners to prepare a scientific publication.
PhD fellows: attending this event is worth 1/2 ECTS.

Programme :

The presentation will introduce how scientific publishing is functioning, its rules, its uses, its drawbacks. This will be approached through two points of view, one from a scientist writing and submitting an article (Patrick Navard, directeur de recherche au CNRS who published 160 articles), another from the journal receiving this submission (Tatiana Budtova, directrice de recherche à Mines ParisTech and Professor in AAlto university, Finland, Editor of a scientific journal).
The pressure on scientists for publishing is so intense that it may lead to misbehavior such as, for example, plagiarism, multiple publication of the same results, or publication in predatory journals. These ethical aspects will be reviewed and described.

Pedagogical Team:

• Tatiana BUDTOVA
• Patrick NAVARD


Amphitheater Mozart, MINES PaisTech, Sophia-Antipolis

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