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Séminaire de recherche LINE - Techno-créativité : des espaces aux activités d'apprentissage

21/10/2019   :   09h30
Publication : 21/10/2019
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Le Laboratoire d'innovation et Numérique pour l'Education (LINE) organise un séminaire de recherche international avec, en keynote, Ann-Louise Davidson.

Techno-créativité : des espaces aux activités d'apprentissage

Le 21 octobre de 9h30 à 17h00 - ESPE Liégeard, salle 21

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9h30 Bienvenue 

- Ann-Louise Davidson, Maker education et créativité (Canada).   

- Lyonel Kaufmann, HEP de Vaud (Suisse). 

- Anne Clerc-Georgy, HEP de Vaud (Suisse). 

12h00 Déjeuner

- Cindy De Smet, Créativité, LINE. 

- Vieville, Menon. AIDE, LINE, INRIA. 

- Romero, Leroy, Cassone. Créativité et robotique pédagogique, LINE. 

- Chiaruttini, Brunel, Littératie et Créativité; LINE. 

- Techno créativité et curriQVideo, Heiser, Faller. 

16h30 Synthèse


About Ann-Louise Davidson:

Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson is an Associate Professor of Education and Concordia University Research Chair in Maker Culture. She is Associate Director of the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology and she directs #MilieuxMake, the Milieux makerspace initiative.

Her work focuses on maker culture, social innovation, inclusion and innovating with advanced pedagogical approaches and digital technologies. She has expertise in action research methodologies that engage participants in collaborative data collection and meaning-making and hands-on studies in technology and innovation.

Dr. Davidson created Education Makers. She is principal investigator on several SSHRC funded grants that focus on the Potential of the Digital Maker Movement for Authentic Learning and on Engaging Disadvantaged Children in the Maker Movement to Help Them Succeed in a Competitive World. She develops innovative workshop concepts that draw on crucial themes, such as global issues, big data, health, sustainability and youth motivation, through concrete maker activities such as building gaming tables, gamepads, wearable computing, pedagogical robotics, and using coding and 3D printing, while engaging marginalized communities. She also investigates how makers from interdisciplinary fields develop identities as makers. Her innovative work has been featured in the media. In addition, Dr. Davidson is co-researcher on Intergenerational Making Art and Gaming in Education (IMAGiNE), an umbrella project which is currently supported by the Ageing, Communication and Technology Project (ACT Project).

As for her research in pedagogical innovation, Dr. Davidson spearheads an interdisciplinary initiative to improve methodology courses in the Department of Education to integrate problem-based learning in higher education (funded by the Vice-Provost of Teaching and Learning). She also studies how to develop learning communities to improve student retention and academic success from a grassroots perspective with a network of six elementary schools (funded by Chantier 7). She is also an Associate Researcher at the EILab at UOIT where she studies innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology. Because of her reputation with innovative online learning, she was invited as professor with the Master Recherche à Distance International Francophone (MARDIF) in France from 2014 to 2017.

Dr. Davidson has a solid network of partners in schools, universities, NGOs, governmental bodies, corporate industries, start-ups, innovation centers and incubators that work with her collaborators and students.