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Seminar - Biomimetic Spiking Neural Network and Neurohybrid systems for AI and biomedical

by Timothée Lévi (University of Tokyo)

16/04/2019   :   09h30
Room 121, Forum Building, Campus SophiaTech
Publication : 16/04/2019
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As part of the project ARTEFACT, the LEAT welcomes Timothée Levi, who will give a talk about "Biomimetic Spiking Neural Network and Neurohybrid systems for AI and biomedical"


Characterization and modeling of biological neural networks is a field opening to major advances in our understanding of the mechanisms governing the functioning of the brain and the different pathologies that can affect it. The main application is biomedical field with the design of neuroprosthesis. But it also opens a new research: the Biological Artificial Intelligence (BAI) using Neuro-intelligence to create new brain-based AI.
Our research focuses on the design of real-time hardware biomimetic artificial neurons and biomimetic spiking neural network. The aim is to enable bio-hybrid experiments, bi-directional communications between artificial neurons and biological neurons, allowing tools to be developed on one hand for biomedical activities for the understanding of the nervous system and on the other hand for a new path in artificial intelligence.
Our real-time biomimetic Spiking Neural Network (SNN) platform can simulate the biological activities and dynamics and then propose some solutions for neuroprostheses and model of neurological disorders. Our system is composed of complex neuron model like Hodgkin-Huxley, synapses, synaptic noise and learning rules. This system can be connected to biological neurons.
Our system is also used for simulating AI algorithm like pattern recognition and trying to develop new algorithm for AI but real-time and low power ones.

About the speaker

Timothée Levi, Associate Professor at the IMS (Integration: from Material to Systems) laboratory (University of Bordeaux, CNRS, Bordeaux INP) is currently carrying out research as Associate Professor at the Institute of Industrial Sciences (IIS) at the University of Tokyo, Japan.