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We welcome applicants from all over the world who will become digital systems experts with a well-identified specialization (computer science, economy, electronics, law, management, telecommunications...) and a broad overview of scientific, technological, human and society-related aspects of digital systems development.

As a student, you need to follow 3 consecutive and mandatory steps to enrol in one of our curricula.

Tuition Fees

The French educational system allows all students to follow their studies with a low cost financial commitment. The cost of DS4H curricula is based on regular French university fees.

Master fees

Tuition fees are approximately 490 Euros for a full master's curriculum. Thanks to a decision of Université Côte d'Azur Board, this amount is the same whether your are a French student, an European student or a non-European student.

PhD fees

Tuition fees are approximately 380 Euros per year.

For all students : Student and Campus Life Contribution

Please notice that, with very few exceptions, the Student and Campus Life Contribution ("Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus" - CVEC)  applies to all French and foreign students enrolling for a degree program in a public or private institution of higher education in France. Read more about CVEC in French / in English.