Education strategy

Education strategy

DS4H trains the future generation of digital systems experts.

The increasing complexity of digital systems requires highly qualified persons willing to interact with different domains. DS4H multidisciplinary education program aims at training digital system experts with complementary skills and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

DS4H education program typically trains students to become Digital Systems experts with a well-identified specialization (computer science, economy, electronics, law, management, telecommunications...) and provide them with a broad overview of scientific, technological, human and society-related aspects of digital systems development.

A fully modular training program

Each student curriculum is personalized according to the options (minors) and the projects selected. Find out DS4H masters' curricula.

Close integration between education, research and industry

The curriculum is designed in collaboration with the academic faculties and industry to provide skills that are highly attractive both in the research and development of digital systems.

Students with an appetite for research will benefit from a dedicated training on the research ground. The links with industrial partners are encouraged by their participation to research projects, training, education, and innovation projects.