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Forum Numerica Past sessions

Forum Numerica Past sessions

Apprentissage profond et génération de musique
Efficient learning with random projections
Etudes fondamentales sur l'interprétation, la compression et la robustesse d'architectures de réseaux de neurones convolutifs
Archiving, assessing and attributing research software: towards software as a first class citizen in the scholarly world
Augmenting Intelligence: Machines as Super Assistants for Security Experts
Optical Network Automation
Sociologie des intelligences artificielles marchandes à l'ère des mégadonnées
Inkjet-/3D-/4D-Printed "Zero-Power" Wireless Ultrabroadband Modules for IoT, SmartAg and Smart Cities Applications
Self-driving networks: Breaking new ground in network automation
Challenges and opportunities stemming from the adoption of radio resource slicing and edge computing paradigms
The Forest Behind the Trees: Rethinking Multi-Agent Systems for the World Wide Web
Analysis of non-compliant Privacy Policies and Cookie Banners
Human-Robot Interaction
Smart and Learning Cities - Some urban issues
A Tensor Perspective to Large-Scale MIMO Array Processing
AI and decision making in organizations
Assessing Candidate Preference through Web Browsing History
Enforcing Session Integrity in the Wild Wild Web
Social Percolation
Towards Reproducible Wireless Networking Experiments
Towards the Internets of the Future
You are when you tweet
Logic, modalities and computation
Enabling Collaborative Modeling in Model-driven engineering
Analysis of large scale biomedical data: Genomics and Imaging- Genetics in brain disorders
Leveraging the acquisition of crowdsourced measurements from mobile devices
Applying Network Tools to understand Foreign Aid Performance