«Complex systems» Academy of Excellence


«Complex systems» Academy of Excellence


174 permanent researchers in A+/A laboratories out of 338,

within a scientific community of approximately 400 individuals

Recent decades have seen the emergence of a movement for studying complex systems that go beyond conventional scientific domains. The goals are first, to discover the common fundamental principles that govern behavior of complex systems, are suggested by observation and experiments; next, to identify and utilize the super-structures that guide the dynamic behavior of such systems; such super-structures cannot easily be deduced from local characteristics at the unit level. The established robustness and adaptive stability of such systems can then be put to good use in a great number of applications.

Through its involvement in two Labex projects, its presence among the 150 best Mathematical Science centers around the world (Shanghai), the Doeblin Federation, which foreshadows the Academy, already possesses a remarkably broad spectrum of scientific activities involving complex systems, from mathematical to societal models, including complex environment physics, extreme phenomena, networks in the broad sense of the term, systems biology and chemical interactions.

The ambition is many sided:

  • Encouraging, in transversal research topics, the identification of common methodological approaches and the emergence of shared study objects, while generating feedback on the strong points of existing knowledge, both in fundamental research and technological knowledge transfer.


  •  Creating and reinforcing links between teams from different domains, and combining existing skills in UCAJEDI, in modeling and simulation of complex systems, in order to place them effectively in the service of current significant societal issues, linked to partners on the fields of health, energy, the environment, materials and communications.


  •  Differentiating the site by using the success of the Mathematical-Physical interface, in order to leverage opportunities and the effects of momentum on other disciplines, especially mathematics/biology/IT; physics/biology, all the fundamental sciences/Human and Social Sciences (HSS). At the crossroads of all these disciplines, the convergence of activities around neurosciences and cognitive science modeling need to show the way forward, in order to initiate closer ties in dealing with transversal issues (in the methodological or resource-related sense). For these reasons, this Academy will play an important role in MSI.


The challenge will be to position UCAJEDI at the heart of the development of the «sciences of complexity», in conjunction with societal and industrial preoccupations. The territories of the Sophia Antipolis Technopark and the Eco-Valley on the Var Plain constitute fertile ground for the activities in which the Academy is involved; the same activities are often to be found, to varying degrees, in the two Reference Centers implanted there.

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