2019- "2nd edition of the "Tremplin Complex" call for proposals - open

The Complex Systems Academy of Excellence launches its second "TREMPLIN COMPLEX" call for proposals dedicated to setting up international scientific projects. It will close on October 10, 2019.


The objective of the UCAJEDI Academies of Excellence is to foster high-level, innovative, research and training activities with the interim goal of transforming the UCA into a high-profile, international research university.

 Today, the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence [1] launches its first "TREMPLIN COMPLEX" call for proposals dedicated to setting up international scientific projects (in particular H2020) that will close on October 10, 2019. The aim of this call is to foster the creation of research networks that can successfully respond to international programs (those associated with H2020, in particular) and thus give researchers from the UCA ComUE easier access to European programs, while intensifying their international visibility within a research theme.

Note that, as was the case last year, in addition to the grant, the project leader will benefit from specific support from the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence and the Université Côte d'Azur in the initial stages of his or her project’s establishment, as well at the scientific level, and with administrative and financial aspects.

Application to this call for proposals is compatible (and even encouraged, if it is relevant from the point of view of the project) with a generic call for proposals issued by the Academy at the same time (and closing on the same day).


In 2018, the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence1  issued its first "TREMPLIN COMPLEX" call for proposals dedicated to setting up international scientific projects.This call for proposals aroused a great interest within the local scientific community, which prompted the Academy to renew the initiative in 2019. 

The "TREMPLIN COMPLEX" call for proposals, dedicated to setting up international scientific projects, aims to give to researchers from the UCA ComUE (and partners) easier access to European programs.  The leaders of each project commit to submit, at least, one international proposal by December 2020.

The goal of this tool is to strengthen the scientific positioning of the “UCA ComUE” by coordinating a proposal submitted in response to a large international call for proposals.

Proposals aiming to build a scientific network in a theme of the Academy at a European level are expected for this call for proposals (more details are available here).

Researchers who wish to establish collaborations to coordinate a European research project for the first time are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • What can be funded:

Eligible costs include: travel costs (for meetings, invitations, or visits in the framework of the project).

  • What CANNOT be funded:

Research activities, teaching projects, personnel costs (Ph.D. students, post-docs).

Selected projects will receive €5,000 in funding for 1 year.


• The project leader must be a researcher from UCA or a partner of the COMUE.

Applicants must integrate into their proposal:

• The targeted international funding opportunity (especially H2020) must be clearly identified

• There must be a single beneficiary for the funding, namely the project leader.


Proposal format

The proposal should fit within two A4 pages (excluding the appendix). The following structure should be used:

•  Intended call for proposals/grant application:

  • Organization,
  • Date,
  • Name of the call,
  • Indicative budget of the call.

•  Scientific context

•  Proposed network (institutes and leaders)

•  Implementation of the network establishment

•  Justification of the project's capacity to be successful in the indicated call for proposals


• (Short) CV of the project leader

•  Any document that the project leader deems useful



  • July 23, 2019: Call opens.
  • October 10, 2019: Deadline for proposal submission.
  • November 15, 2019: Notification of the results.



The proposal must be submitted via the Nuxeo platform by clicking here.


Evaluation criteria 

Proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Academy. The following points will be considered for evaluation:

• Quality and credibility of the proposed network in the context of the indicated funding opportunity.

• Relevance of the schedule for network establishment.

• Adequacy of the intended funding opportunity

• Feasibility of the submitted project and capacity to be competitive in the indicated call for proposals

Project follow-up

Each project selected in the framework of this call must submit an application to a European call for proposals.

For this purpose, the project leader will benefit from specific support from the Complex Systems Academy of Excellence (in addition to the funding):

  • Scientific support: The project leader may solicit a member of the Scientific Council of the Academy in order to benefit from his or her expertise. The member will provide a detailed review of his or her project within a month.
  • Project establishment: The Europe Office for Research Valorization and Innovation (DRVI) of the Université Côte d'Azur will offer personalized support to the project leader, which may include: determining a filing strategy for the grant application, support for the drafting of the non-scientific parts (impact, Work Packages, administrative elements, etc.) as well as budget editing, identification of potential partners and proofing of the document. In addition, the project leader will be free to participate in the training offered by the Europe Office.

If the project leader funded through the Tremplin Complex call for proposals receives ERC funding (or any other type of funding) in the wake of the project submitted, he or she undertakes in return to share his or her experience and offer support on scientific aspects to future recipients of Tremplin Complex funding who target the same type of funding program.


Download the call for proposals in PDF.

Contact : ketty.guillouzouic@univ-cotedazur.fr

* Reminder: The steering committee stresses that the scope of the Academy goes beyond that of the Döblin Federation laboratories and encourages the submission of projects from all disciplines.

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