Launch of the 1st AAP DAPSI

Launch of the 1st AAP DAPSI

Submit your applications before June 17, 2020!

The NGI Data Portability and Services Incubator (DAPSI) project is part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, which aims to shape a values-centered, human and inclusive Internet for all.

In practice, this allows internet innovators to develop technological solutions for the third millennium in line with the European way of life, in order to develop internet technologies that will help build confidence in vis-à-vis the internet, decentralization of the web, citizen control of data.

The DAPSI call responds to the need to develop technologies that facilitate the transmission and portability of data between service providers.

If data portability is a right guaranteed by the GDPR, it remains difficult to meet the challenge on a technological level.

DAPSI will support up to 50 teams as part of a 9-month incubation program during which experts in various fields will provide :

- an efficient working methodology,

- access to cutting-edge infrastructure,

- coaching to support marketing

- and in areas related to data, mentoring, visibility, community building.

In addition, each DAPSI team will receive up to € 150k in funding (without own funds), distributing a total amount of € 5.6M in the framework of 3 open calls.

• 8 page application: single partner or consortium
• Open to public establishments, start-ups, SMEs, or associations, researchers, students
• Up to 50 teams supported after 3 calls
• Closure of the 1st call on June 17, 2020
• Support provided: up to € 150,000 in grants
• To apply: