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Jérémie Bec: the "Complex Systems" academy is moving up a gear!

Since November 2019, Jérémie Bec has taken over as director of the «Systèmes Complexes» academy, succeeding Fabrice Planchon and Médéric Argentina. It aims to increase the visibility and international attractiveness of the UCA community in the field of complex systems.

Publication : 22/06/2020
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Currently, CNRS Research Director at CEMEF (MINES ParisTech, CNRS), Jérémie Bec has been involved in the organization of COMUE Université Côte d´Azur, from its inception, chairing its academic council for almost 2 years.

Subsequently, he became president of the Scientific Council of the "Complex Systems" academy.

Specialist in fluid mechanics, his research work is focused on issues related to turbulence. More precisely, on the foundations of turbulence, turbulent transport and out of equilibrium processes.

Since its creation in 2016, the "Complex Systems" academy has been built as a unifying body in order to create a feeling of belonging among the researchers involved in the academy.

In parallel, a strategy for structuring and transforming its community was launched, with interdisciplinarity as the driving force for this action.

The academy's support for innovative and sometimes even risky initiatives reflects its role as an agitator.

Now that this young structure has defined its identity, it is time, according to the newly elected Head, to move up a gear.

As such, a well-conducted action plan is at work, including the recruitment of a project engineer for one year.

  • Its missions will be as follows:

1 / Ensure the diversification of the resources of the academy

The aim is to assert the independence of the academy. If this structure receives financial support from IDEX, it must be able to diversify its resources by finding co-financing by its own means.

2 / Create a UCA portal for complex systems

The idea is to create a real showcase of the skills and actions developed by researchers at the academy.

The purpose of this platform is also to pool research tools and results (software, data, publications, patents, etc.), and to facilitate collaborations and partnerships.

The visibility of Université Côte d'Azur in the field of complex systems will be ensured through the establishment of this UCA portal.

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