Academy Regulations

The members of the Steering Committee are nominated by the IDEX governance, for a term of four years. In case of a departure, the Steering Committee can make alternative proposals to be approved by the IDEX governance. The Steering Committee composition thematically and institutionally reflects the diversity of the Academy members.


The founding members of the Scientific Council (SC) were originally chosen according to their participation in the structuring of the Academy at the beginning of the IDEX setup. Their mandate lasts two years, renewable once. The renewal is not tacit and an outgoing member must inform the SC of his wish to renew his participation. Each member may leave the SC at any time by informing the Chairman of the SC with two months' notice.

When a departure occurs, the Steering Committee consults in the disciplinary field that is concerned (unit director(s), team(s), etc.). This is to encourage replacement applications which are then examined and approved by the Steering Committee, with possible opinion from the SC.

A member of the CS represents his disciplinary field and not his unit, component or home institution.

The Complex Systems Academy of Excellence implements a policy aimed at an equiponderant representation of women and men in its CS.

In case of participation of a member in the activities of the SC, the Steering Committee, in consultation with the Chairman of the SC, may suggest its replacement.

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