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A4 Meeting - Complexity and Diversity of Living Cells

You are welcome to attend the Meeting of the Academy 4 of IDEX JEDI.
The transdisciplinary Master students supported by the Academy 4 in 2017-2018 will present their results.
Dr Isabelle Callebaut (CNRS, Paris), special guest of the academy, will introduce her new results.
Please, join us! Registrations are free but mandatory.

29/06/2018   :   09h00
Amphithéâtre du Bâtiment Petit Valrose, Nice
Publication : 29/06/2018
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9h00 - 9h15 : Welcome coffee and croissants.

9h15 - 9h30 : Introduction by Dr Pascal Barbry, Coordinator of the Académie 4.

9h30 - 12h00 : Presentation of the results obtained by the transdisciplinary Master students supported by the academy 4 in 2017.

--> 1 - FRMP-SUMO-ABS : Atomic and cellular impacts of the modifications by SUMO of the Fragile-X Mental Retardation Protein.

---> 2 - MecanoAdiipo : Modeling the mechanical feedback of adipogenesis. 

---> 3 - IDEX_Mito : Detection, classification and characterization of mitochondrial networks: application to Alzheimer disease and Cancer.

---> 4 - I2MD : Identification of inhibitors disrupting MITF interactions with DNA.

---> 5 - REDAC : Research and characterization of anti cancer invasion drugs.

---> 6 - COMICS : Identification of new generation immuno-stimulatory and anti-microbial compounds.

---> 7 - MicroTrans : Role of distance and energy in vectorial lipid transport.

---> 8 - MpH : Fast measurements of intracellular pH using microfluidic systems.

---> 9 - NMLA-scRNASEQ : New Machine Learning approaches for single cell RNAseq analysis.

12h00 - 12h15 : Presentation by Faisal Bekkouche (Observatoire Océanique Villefranche sur Mer) of the plateform Mutimage_UCAsupported by the Academy 4 in 2018.

12h15 - 13h00 : Invited speaker : Dr Isabelle Callebaut, DR2 CNRS, "Protein Structure Prediction" Institut de Minéralogie et de Physique des Milieux Condensés, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, PARIS. 

---> Structure-based approaches to study the functions and dysfunctions of CFTR and to develop personalized medicine for cystic fibrosis.

13h00 - 13h30 : Buffet and discussions




Free but mandatory registrations are open on the following event page :