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The SmartEdTech program is developed in a blended learning modality combining online courses (90%) and two intensive weeks in Nice (in October and in April). 

The SmartEdTech program aims to develop a quality approach to digital education with a co-creative and participative vision. The program addresses the current social and economic issues for professionals (designers, engineers, ergonomists, etc.) who are involved in the creation of digital technologies for education (EdTechs), and the education professionals who use them.

The challenge is to improve today's education and equally to create tomorrow’s education, through breakthrough digital pedagogies.

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Program & Careers

An interdisciplinary threefold scientific approach

This program positions smart educational technologies to provide education for all (primary, secondary, higher, and lifelong education). This approach puts everyone's professional project at the heart of learning, whether for a start-up, a student, an HR director or an education professional.

The program benefits from a threefold scientific approach:

- in computer and digital sciences, students will not only master the current tools, but acquire the skills to participate in the development of digital uses with educational added-value. Moreover, students will learn to create the contents and tools of tomorrow, using machine-learning algorithms applied to learning, usage and evaluation data;

- in the education sciences, students will acquire the tools to build, test and analyze innovative and engaging training devices (learning through play, original and creative learning activities, pedagogical actions guided by the needs of learners, skills assessment systems, hybrid and online device engineering, etc.) in a variety of contexts, such as companies or schools;

- in applied cognitive science, students will benefit from the latest developments in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to propose effective and human solutions.

Internships & International experience

Students will benefit from two internships of several months each. There is the possibility to do an international internship. Students will have the support of the university during this process.


  • E-learning project manager
  • Instructional designer

  • Teacher or e-learning instructor

  • Digital-learning consultant

  • Researcher in Educational Technology

  • Responsible for digital innovation in a company
  • Educational consultant


... and other jobs of tomorrow for the future actors of change!


Distance online learning program

Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) was established in 2016 from the merger between Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and regional private partners. Within this new entity, some programs have been awarded the "Idex" label, for "Initiative d'Excellence", a very selective program that has three main requirements: international visibility, strong cooperation between schools, universities and organizations, and extensive regional integration. 

All course are taught in English while some of them are also available in French. The program is offered online. However, your presence during one online synchronous meeting per week and at least one of the two intensive weeks in Nice (France) per year is mandatory.

The registration fee is 1500 euros per year.


Among all the students welcomed to this program we have a dual priority:

- to contribute to improving the education of today and creating the education of tomorrow. This primarily targets those who are responsible for the education of our young people (professors, teachers, and tutors).

- to train new professionals who will create educational products in the broad sense, not only technologies, but especially those related to pedagogy.


SmartEdTech incorporates both initial and continuing education with a desire for diversity, in both the public and private sectors. More importantly, at the intersection of these current professions, this training program aims to help graduates develop hybrid skills (for example as researchers and also entrepreneurs or industry professionals) who will create their own profession, tools and paths of tomorrow. 

How to apply   


The first year (M1) and the second year (M2) will start in September 2020.

Applications are already open, and will close in July 15th 2020.

To apply, please prepare the following documents :

  • a copy of your passport or ID card

  • a resume (CV)

  • a cover letter

  • a copy of your past degrees in french or in english

  • *optional* your english proficiency certificate (TOEFL or equivalent) if not native speaker



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Associated projects

Class'Code : train yourself to introduce computer thinking to young people.




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