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UCAJEDI Core Programs

The Université Côte d’Azur has established 9 core programs in order to enhance and consolidate the transdisciplinary fields of research that are likely to become strong research themes within the University, and are able to offer high-quality, original training programs.

The emergence of transdisciplinarity

Transdisciplinary programs bring together, within the limits of scientific coherence, a large community around a medium-term objective that mobilizes the diverse skills of that community. Transdisciplinarity involves approaching and defining a complex problem or object from the perspective of specialists from different disciplines. Each researcher does not necessarily need to have multiple skills, but he/she has to collaborate and foster the understanding of complexity across and beyond disciplines.

The support of the Initiative of Excellence program

The operation of the transdisciplinary programs of the Université Côte d'Azur is possible thanks to the support of the IDEX, which finances various specific projects, each conceived as a crucial part of the global objective. In order to ensure the link between these different specific projects that constitute the core programs, and to reinforce their coherence, the IDEX also financially supports various transverse actions such as workshops, conferences, summer schools, joint training or dissemination activities, education and outreach.

The organization of transdisciplinary programs

The construction of the JEDI transdisciplinary programs is supported by the Idex with each specific projects being conceived as part of the global objective. A transdisciplinary core program is therefore composed of several specific projects.

Each core program is accompanied by a Think Tank, composed of two-thirds external members and one third members of the UCA Academic Council. The mission of the Think Tank is to evaluate the projects submitted and to support the construction of the core program. It helps to define the 4- and 10-year objectives, and proposes coordination and structuring activities to achieve these objectives.

In this mission, the Think Tank relies, for some structuring programs, on a group of researchers from the Université Côte d'Azur acting as a coordination committee.

The purpose of the coordination committees is to propose a number of initiatives aiming to:

  • coordinate efforts in the field of the core program
  • define relevant actions (workshops, invitations, creation of web pages in connection with the UCA communication service, etc.)
  • move towards a more precise and visible structure of the field.

The coordination committees work closely with the committees of the Academies of Excellence which they are intended to relay or accompany on the theme for which they are responsible.