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Digital Science, Society, and the Individual

This program aims to position digital science, digital humanities, and digital social science as a core activity at the Université Côte d’Azur. Computer science and, more generally, digital science, are part of most scientific, technical, social, and even humanities disciplines regarding the modeling, collection, and analysis of ever-larger amounts of data. However, beyond these uses, the digital world generates its own scientific and societal questions in a world changed profoundly and daily by all things digital. In close connection with the humanities and social sciences, digital science faces numerous challenges to devise new generations of digital systems, future uses, and new applications, as well as to study issues of social acceptability and relevance.

Program objectives:

1.Encourage exchanges between different teams of researchers in digital science as well as those in digital social science.
2. Develop a research program incorporating all aspects of digital processes (electronics for data collection; distribution networks; models and computations; analysis; applications and interfaces; economic and other impacts; regulatory, legal, and ethical questions).
3. Establish scientific interactions with the “Data Sciences” core program.
4. Supporting the vibrancy of the “Digital Systems for Humans (DS4H)” Graduate School of Research with new projects.
5. Contribute to making the Université Côte d’Azur a recognized international center in digital science and artificial intelligence in line with local and national strategies.

Digital Science, Society, and the Individual
ActivityYearProject namePrincipal InvestigatorPartnersDuration
IDEX BOARD ACTIONS AAP INTERNATIONAL 2017 SISC DISES 2D International Workshop for Smart Innovatiions for Sustainable Cities (SISC) Amel Attour GREDEG *****43067****
2018 SAS 2019 Sensors Applications Symposium 2019 Alain Pegatoquet LEAT 11-13 March 2019
ACTIVITIES OF THE ACADEMIES OF EXCELLENCE ACADEMY 1 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2016 LCN Maxime Sermesant (Inria) Inria, CHU (services de cardiologie et de pharmacologie), I3S, LAMHESS, IPMC, ExactCure, GE Healthcare
ValueModels Alexandre Monnin (Inria-I3S) I3S, Inria, Club Cap EF, GREDEG, Mnémotix, Villa Arson, Chelsea College of Arts
Wimag Claire Migliaccio (LEAT) et Victorita Dolean (LJAD) LEAT, LJAD, GéoAzur, I3S, Inria, Orange Labs
2017 I-WIN Leonardo LIZZI LEAT, Inria, I3S, Polytech
Meta-ImaGen Marco Lorenzi Inria, UCA IPMC CNRS, Imaging Genetics Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, Translational Imaging Group, University College London, London, UK
Smart IoT for Mobility François Verdier LEAT, I3S, GREDEG
BISET Eric Debreuve I3S, iBV
REVMED Jean-Pierre Merlet Inria, CoBtek Lab
ACADEMY 5 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2018 ARTEFACT – Study and design of digital tools for perception and extended cognition Gaffé Daniel LEAT
SIM - Smart IoT for Mobility Verdier François LEAT