Digital Transformation Certificate

Digital Transformation Certificate

Digital Transformation Certificate

Empower people to enable change to happen

Proposed and organized by the University Cote d’Azur in partnership with Logo wooelse

Have you ever faced challenging times of digital integration?

Do you consider digitalization is a pre-requisite to embrace the future and ensure competitiveness?

Are you ready for change?

Then this Exclusive Executive programme is for you. The Digital Transformation Certificate of the Université Côte d’Azur proposes a unique approach to enable successful digital transformations.

A global understanding of the digital economy.

The Digital Transformation Certificate covers essentials of digital economy, data management, organizational thinking, communications and change management

A differentiating approach to accompanying digital transformations:

The Digital Transformation Certificate proposes a differentiating approach to accompany digitization that takes into consideration processes, organisations and people needs

Through the programme, you will develop:

  • understanding of digital innovations and digitalisation, their patterns, their opportunities and their challenges
  • mastering of technological disruptions implied by digitization and the impacts on the data economy
  • knowledge and know-how around patterns and business models and behaviors of the digital world
  • Organizational enablement capabilities around digital transformations: systems and group dynamics, tools and processes, communication, transitional leadership and emotionalities.

A complementary approach to learning practices:

The learning experience offered by the Université Côte d’Azur, in partnership with WooElse will be unique experience for you :

  • it is grounded both in the scientific and the business areas, in order to tackle all the dimensions of an organization;
  • it aims at gaining insights on academic fundamentals while building upon business grounded knowledge and experience sharing.

Cultural visit and/or a "Sharing experience and good practices" workshop with an enterprise will be organised.

Participant profile:

The programme is designed for executives from all backrground- scientific, economic, business related and/or academic -  who wish to develop understanding of the digital era and gain transformative capabilities. 



  • Session available on April, July and September 2019
  • Early bird rate: 1650 € (see the conditions in the registration form below)
  • Regular rate: 1800 € incl VAT
  • Rate includes: course fees, hand outs of interventions (whether paper or electronic versions), coffee breaks, lunches, a interesting discussions around Digital transformation.
Limited number of places!!!!

Ready to participate ?

Next sessions:

- from April 1st to 4th 2019

- from April 23rd to 26th 2019

- from July 1st to 4th 2019

- from September 23rd to 26th 2019


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Organized by Université Côte d’azur
Location: Nice, France



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Registration Policy:
The registration deadline for this course is:

- For the session from April 1st to 4th 2019: March, 15th 2019

- For the session from April 23rd to 26th 2019: April 5th 2019

- For the session from July 1st to 4th 2019: June, 14th 2019

- For the session from September 23rd to 26th 2019: September 6th 2019

The full* registration fee is € 1800.

*Discount policy:

€1650 Early bird fees applies if the registration is done before:

- February 17th 2019 (for the session from April 1st to 4th 2019)

- March 10th 2019 (for the session from April 23rd to 26th 2019)

- April 30th 2019 (for July session)

- June 30th 2019 (for September session)

Cancellation policy:
No refund in case of Participant cancellation.

Limited number of participants:
Applicants will be accepted on the basis of a "first subscribed, first in" policy according to the date of payment.