Certificate in European Project Management for HEI

Certificate in European Project Management for HEI

Certificate in European Project Management for HEI

Increase the visibility of your institution


Looking for European project management skills and expertise?
Need to increase the European and international visibility of your institution?
Looking for financial support for innovative pedagogical or research project for your institution?

Then this Exclusive Executive programme is for you. The European project management for HEI of the University Cote d’Azur proposes a unique approach to increase your possibility and your institution’s opportunities within European funds.

A global understanding of European projects opportunities for Higher Education Institutions.
The European projects management for HEI programme covers essentials of European funds for HEI, European projects cycle, Logical Framework Approach, European project management (from application time to project final report)

Through the programme, you will acquire the technical tools for :

  • the realization of educational/training ideas
  • the preparation of a draft of the project
  • the search for international partners
  • the preparation of the budget
  • the administrative and financial management of the project

A complementary approach to learning practices:

  • extensive use of exercises
  • case studies
Workshops on the following thematics could be organised according to the needs and interests of participants:
- Research and innovation
- Link between University and Enterprises
- Soft skills
- Innovative pedagogy
- Digital transformation

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to apply the fundamental rules for EU project management in all phases: planning, drafting, implementing, developing monitoring, evaluating.

Participant profile :
The programme is designed for Higher Education Institutions’ executives in priority but is opened to all executives from all background- scientific, economic, business related and/or academic - who wish to develop understanding of European project management.

Next sessions:

- from March 25th to 29th 2019 (session in French)

- from June 24th to 28th 2019 (session in English)

- from October 21st to 25th 2019 (session in French)

- from December 9th to 13th 2019 (session in English)

Programme info at a glance

Application possible from January 1st to March 17th for March session

Application possible from January 1st to June 16th 2019 for June session

Application possible from January 1st to October 13th 2019 for October session

Application possible from January 1st to December 1st 2019 for December session

Early bird rate : 700 €*

* Registration before January 30th for March session

* Registration before April 30th for June session

* Registration before July 30th for October session

* Registration before September 30th for December session

Regular rate: 800 €
Rate includes: course fees, coffee break, hand outs of interventions (whether paper or electronic versions)



* Depending on weather conditions and program schedule, touristic visits will be organised

Limited number of places!!!!

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Organized by Université Côte d’azur
Location: Nice, France


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Registration Policy:
The registration deadline for this course is:

- March 17th 2019 (for March 2019

- June 16th 2019 (for June 2019

- October 13th 2019 (for October 2019

- December 1st 2019 (for December 2019 session)

The full* registration fee is € 800.

*Discount policy:

The 700€ early bird fees applies if the registration is done before:

- January 30th 2019 (for March session)
- April 30th 2019 (for June session)

- July 30th 2019 (for October session)

- September 30th 2019 (for december session)

Cancellation policy:
No refund in case of Participant cancellation.

Limited number of participants:
Applicants will be accepted on the basis of a "first subscribed, first in" policy according to the date of payment.