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Your finances

Tuition fees

Tuition fees include the cost of your training but also access to university services such as libraries and learning centres. The Student Life and Campus contribution covers sports activities and the culture program.   

  • Bachelor's degree: 170 € / per year
  • Master : 243 € / per year
  • MSc: these are specific programs. To find out the MSc registration fees according to your profile, please ask the referent of your MSc.


Financial assistance in the form of scholarships can be requested.

To find out how the scholarship system works in France: check the CROUS website

To find the most convenient scholarship according to your situation (level of your studies, nationality...) check the search engine of Campus France 

Bank account

In general, you will need to be settled in France before opening a bank account in France.

The list of required documents are normally:

  • the passport,
  • proof of residence not older than three months (renting contract, water, electricity, Internet bill...),
  • proof of enrolment at the university...

Once the French bank account is open, you can obtain a debit bank card, a checkbook (if requested) and a RIB (bank details for money transfer). It is generally easier to pay electricity bills, internet etc. by transfer than by check.

Before leaving (ideally 15 days before), if you do not intend to make further trips in France, it is best to close the bank account. At this time do not forget to also close all accounts with standing orders.