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General info to start: To cover your living costs in France, we recommend that you have about 1400 € / month at your disposal.

Public student housing

There are public student residences, which are managed by the CROUS (a regional body for university student support).

The CROUS of Nice has 10 residences in Nice, 2 residences in Sophia Antipolis and 1 in Cannes. Some residences offer housing of different sizes ranging from a university room (9 m²) to a studio (20 m²).

All types of accommodation are furnished and equipped with internet connection.

To apply for university accommodation, you must establish a Student Social File (Dossier Social Etudiant= DSE) online on the CROUS web site and follow their procedures.The application period runs from January 15th to May 31st. However, a request for CROUS accommodation is also possible during the year. Students who submit their application after May 31st will be put on a waiting list.Every year the Nice CROUS faces a significant demand for housing and its capacity is limited. It is not possible to offer housing to all students. Obtaining housing from CROUS is not guaranteed.

Locate the public student residences on the map

Private student housing

You can also choose accommodation in a private university residence which are generally more expensive than the university residences managed by the CROUS. It is possible to stay in a studio or a 2-room apartment ranging from 17 m² to 40 m².

These residences are furnished and offer various services.

Warning: some residences ask the payment of application fees during the reservation of your housing. It is important to check and compare all information on the websites of these residences. Sometimes these renting options last for 1 or 2 years (long-term housing), check under which conditions you can cancel the renting contract in case you want to leave earlier.

Housing solutions for Université Côte d'Azur students

Real estate agencies & individual rentals

You can also find housing through a real estate agency or a private owner.

Lokaviz is a web site offering accommodation advertisements for students. Université Côte d'Azur has also signed a partnership with studapart - student housing offers are posted there throughout the year.

Of course it is also possible to look for a shared flat if you are open to live together with other people. This type of accommodation has the advantage of lowering the price of rents and also makes it possible to share good moments of conviviality with several people.

Required documents

Finding accommodation requires an intensive research. It also means providing owners with a complete file to ensure your solvency. The landlords systematically ask for a series of documents such as:

  • valid proof of identity document
  • student card or certificate of attendance for the current year;
  • last three rent receipts for the previously occupied flat
  • proof of a guarantor (Most landlords require a guarantor to pay the rent if the tenant fails to meet their obligations. Without a guarantor, your application will not be given preference.If you are ≤30 years old and your monthly rent is ≤ 600€, Visale can act as a guarantor in order to simplify the process of obtaining housing)

Warning! Some offers can turn out to be scams, so be aware and do not:
• Communicate personal information or bank details before signing the contract
• Continue the process if the landlord is/pretends to be currently abroad

Rental insurance

You will need to subscribe a rental insurance as it is a legal obligation in France. It will cover you in case of theft, water damage among others. Most insurance companies will offer different types of insurance policies at different rates, depending on the size of the apartment and the type of coverage you choose (≈ €37/year for a room and ≈ €60/per year for a studio). Most banks will also offer rental insurance, so don’t hesitate to contact your bank.


Civil liabilty insurance

Civil liability corresponds to the obligation to compensate for physical injury and material damage caused to others. If you do an internship, you need to take out civil liability insurance. Then the insurance company covers the damage you have caused.

Sometimes rental & civil liability insurance is offered as a package, please check with your bank / insurance company.


The French State offers housing assistance for all individuals living in France. The help is provided by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF).

It is important to apply for housing assistance as soon as you move into your accommodation, because the aid is only paid the month following the approval of your application.

Different subsidies are allocated according to each applicant’s situation and are therefore not cumulative. The CAF also provides a calculation page to estimate the amount of assistance for which you might be eligible.


Different CAF subsidies

  •  Personalized Housing Allowance (L’Aide Personnalisée au Logement, APL)

In this case the owner has signed an agreement with the French State to maintain a defined level of rent. In return, the owner benefits from financial advantages. You should ask the landlord if the accommodation is APL approved.

To apply for an APL, go here.


  • The Family Housing Allowance (L’Allocation de Logement à caractère Familial, ALF)

This allowance is granted to people whose housing is not APL-registered and who have children (born or expected), who were married less than five years ago (you and your spouse must both be younger than 40 years old).

To apply for an ALF, go here.


  • The Social Housing Allowance (L’Allocation Logement Social, ALS)

This allowance is for individuals who are not eligible for the APL and ALF ; it is calculated based on the financial and family situation and location of the housing.

To apply for an ALS, go here.

Housing allowance request