In 2017 the circumplanetary region of the directly imaged planet beta Pic b transited in front of the star. This created a rare opportunity to detect the ring system of an extrasolar giant planet with semi-major axis 10 au. The search for evidence of ring was conducted over many months using a host of space-based facilities and ground-based telescopes located on four continents, including Antarctica. This 3-day workshop in Nice, France, endeavors to share the status of various data sets, devise common analysis techniques, and produce self-consistent models and interpretation for publication in the peer-reviewed literature.

The workshop will be held at the Observatoire de Nice. No registration fee is necessary, and lunch will be provided. Limited support is available for participants who would not be able to attend otherwise. Transport by car will be organized, otherwise, participants can take bus 84 from Place Blanqui (terminus) to the "Observatoire" stop. The deadline for abstracts is August 1st, 2018. Late abstracts may be considered.

Tuesday, September 18th

Welcome, Working Group Selection, and Pulsations  of Beta Pic

9:30     Welcome

9:45     Introduction (1 to 5 minutes per person)

           Everyone should provide 2-3 slides as pdf, in advance - the idea is that each of us summarise her/his key results and issues and gives a list of questions/topics to address during the workshop. This will be key to then identify the working groups. 

10:45   Discussion: Important questions, data, tools & working groups

11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Djamel Mékarnia: Constraining the Beta Pictoris pulsations from ASTEP photometry
11:55 Anne-Marie Lagrange   Pulsations of Beta Pictoris from radial velocity observations   
12:20   Lunch break
13:45  Konstanze Zwintz      Revisiting the pulsational characteristics of beta Pictoris
14:10  Tristan Guillot    Observations of HD172555: A twin of Beta Pic
14:30  Working groups (topics decided during the morning)
              Suggested topics:
                    - Pulsations
                    - Photometric time series
                    - Spectroscopic time series   
             Suggested questions
      1. What is physically in the Beta Pictoris system?
        • Planet and comets - orbital dynamics
        • Debris disk - structure and composition
        • Exocomets - what gases/species to expect in spectroscopy?
      2. Models for circumplanetary and circumstellar gas
      3. Delta Scuti pulsations and other star properties
      4. Interstellar absorption (really stretching this….)
      5. Any other topic
 16:00 Coffee break  (main room)
16:30 Working groups
17:30   Status update from working groups
18:00   End of day 1

Wednesday, September 19th

Photometric Time Series

9:30    Matthew  Kenworthy   the photometric monitoring campaign from the Beta Pictoris bRing observatories
9:50  Remko Stuik: 'Challenges in date reduction for bRing'
10:10   Paul Kalas    Search for long-term photometric variations in Beta Pic from HST WFC3/UVIS
10:35   Coffee break
10:50   Lyu Abe: Long term ASTEP monitoring of Beta Pictoris
11:15   Konstanze Zwintz Long term BRITE monitoring of Beta Pictoris (TBC)
11:30   Working groups (continued)
12:30   Lunch break
13:45   Working groups (continued)
17:00   Status update from working groups
17:30   End of day 2
20:00   Workshop dinner

Thursday, September 20th

Spectroscopic Time Series & Theoretical Background

9:00  Paul Anthony Wilson   Signs of the β Pictoris b Hill Sphere Transit? 
9:25  Ernst De Mooij      Spectroscopic monitoring of the Hill sphere transit of beta Pictoris b with UVES
9:50 Hervé Beust         Beta Pictoris exocomets (FEBs) and Beta Pic b : How do they fit ?
10:15 Flavien Kiefer           Exocomets in the system of Beta Pictoris : search for water, and new evidences for disk replenishment
10:45   Coffee break
11:10   Working groups (continued)
12:30   Lunch break
13:45  Working groups (continued)
16:30  Summary from the working groups 
17:30  End of day 3


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Observatoire de la côte d'Azur


96 Boulevard de l'Observatoire, 06300 Nice



LOC: Lyu Abe, Lionel Bigot, Tristan Guillot, Djamel Mékarnia, Sophie Rousset (Lagrange/OCA)

SOC: Paul Kalas (Berkeley University), Anne-Marie Lagrange (OPAG), Tristan Guillot (Lagrange/OCA), Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden University), Alain Lecavelier (IAP), Konstanze Zwintz (Innsbruck University), Ernst De Mooij (DCU)

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