Multi-scale, multi-modal imaging has become part of standard care for many types of cancer. By allowing physicians and pathologists to see what is happening in the body at a cellular level, molecular imaging and quantitative analysis of cancer histopathology provide unique information to assist in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and management of cancer.

The aim of this one day symposium entitled « Imaging in cancer: multimodal analyses » is to shed light on the current advances in the cancer imaging field. The most advanced research activities in medical imaging for a more preventive, predictive and precise personalized medicine in cancer will be presented. This meeting is designed for scientists (fundamental, translational, clinical), radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and other experts in cancer imaging interested in acquiring knowledge and sharing their expertise in cutting-edge imaging methods in the cancer field.

Théâtre du Grand Chateau de Valrose 

28 Avenue Valrose, 06100 Nice