Academy 4 Meeting - Complexity and Diversity of Living Cells - June 27th 2019 - Amphitheatre GREDEG Sophia Antipolis


Join us for the new meeting of the Academy 4 of IDEX JEDI.

The Master students supported by the Academy 4 in 2018-2019 will present their results.

Dr Brau (IPMC) and Bekkouche (LBDV) leading the new platform Mutimage_UCA, financed by the Academy 4 in 2018, will give an overview of the facility and significative results.

Dr Godinho-Ferreira (IRCAN, Nice) will present his installation project co-financed by the Academy 4 in 2019.

Dr Claudine MEDIGUE (CNRS, CEA/Genoscope Evry), special guest of the Academy, will introduce her new results on big data analyses as well as the organization and main objectives of the French bioinformatics infrastructure.


For security and cattering organization purposes, registrations to this day  are free but mandatory.



> Chairman : Dr Bruno ANTONNY, President of the scientific council of the Academy 4.

9h45 - 10h00 : Introduction by Dr Pascal BARBRY, coordinator of the Academy 4


10h00 - 11h30 : First session of presentation of the results obtained by transdisciplinary Master students supported by the academy 4 in 2018.


--> 1 - EPI-ANALYSE : Développement d'outils de détection efficaces des crises d'épilepsie chez la souris par analyse d'image et de signal EEG -  Drs F Duprat (IPMC) & T Papadopoulo (INRIA).

---> 2 - VIF-APAS : Vieillissement, Immuno-métabolisme et Fragilité : effets d'un Programme d’Activités Physiques Adaptées à des fins de Santé - Drs AS Rousseau (C3M) & R Zory (LAMHESS).

---> 3 - NutriMorph : Lipides nutritionnels et remodelage cérébral: mesure de la plasticité gliale grâce à un outil de morphométrie cellulaire -  Drs C Rovère (IPMC) & E Debreuve (INRIA).

11h30 - 12h00 : Presentation by Drs F Brau & F Bekkouche (Observatoire Océanique Villefranche sur Mer) of the plateform Mutimage_UCA supported by the Academy 4 in 2018.

12h00 - 12h45 : Invited speaker : Dr Claudine MEDIGUE - Direction of  Institut Français de Bioinformatique CNRS, IFB-core UMS3601 & Laboratoire d'Analyses Bioinformatique en Génomique et Métabolisme (LABGeM)

--> "Analysis of the huge amounts of data produced in life sciences: from Regional to National and European research bioinformatics infrastructures."

12h45 - 13h30 : Lunch break


13h30 - 15h00 : Second session of presentation of the results obtained by transdisciplinary Master students supported by the academy 4 in 2018.


---> 4 - CAID : Cibler conjointement et l’Angiogénèse et l’Inflammation dans la forme humide de la Dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge (DMLA) - Drs S Martial (IRCAN) & L Demange (ICN).

---> 5 - GIfTED : Synthetic small molecules inducing the differentiation of glioblastoma initiating cells: new perspectives in cancer chemotherapies - Drs M Duca (ICN) & T Virolle (iBV).

---> 6 - ModHyMet : Modélisation hybride du métabolisme cellulaire - Drs JP Comet (i3S) & F Delaunay (iBV).

15h00 - 15h45 : Dr Miguel Godinho FERREIRA, recipient of a cofunding for the installation of his new team in 2019 (IRCAN).

---> "TeloAge : Telomere shortening as a cause for age-related cancer incidence."

15h45 - 16h00: Discussions and Conclusions





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