Colloquium MODELIFE

24 Avril 2019

Laboratoire J.-A. Dieudonné

Parc Valrose

David RAND 

Mathematics Institute & Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Epidemiology Research 
University of Warwick, UK. 
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Multiplexing information flow through dynamic signalling systems 

Recent work has suggested that in dynamic cellular signalling systems like NF-κB and ERK the mutual information between input and response is relatively low and less than 2 bits. On the other hand, it is generally believed that the NF-κB system uses the information from a large number of input signals to regulate gene transcription of more than 500 genes in a highly versatile way. It regulates cell fate and inflammatory signalling in response to diverse stimuli, including viral and bacterial pathogens, free radicals, cytokines and growth factors. I will propose a resolution of this potential paradox by studying signal multiplexing and its relation to decision-making. I will describe some experiments that support this idea, discuss the underlying mathematical approach, explain when systems can and can't multiplex, and model some aspects of the multiplexing seen in NF-κB. As part of this I will introduce a new mathematical method for the analysis and simulation of large stochastic non-linear oscillating systems. This allows an analytic analysis of the stochastic relationship between input and response and shows that for tightly-coupled systems like those based on current models for signalling systems, clocks, and the cell cycle this relationship is highly constrained and non-generic. 


14:00 : Welcome 

14:15  : F. DELAUNAY  - iBV, Nice  - Introduction 

14:30 : D. RAND  - U. of Warwick, UK  - Multiplexing information flow through dynamic signalling systems 

15:30 : Coffee 


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