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Build your own multi-omics website with BACNET

Seminar run by Christophe Becavin

25/04/2019   :   10h00
Salle des séminaires MSI Sophia Antipolis
 Speaker: Christophe Becavin (IPMC)
Publication : 25/04/2019
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Speaker: Christophe Becavin (IPMC)

Abstract: BACNET is a Java based platform, which allows to develop in parallel a highly interactive multi-omics platform which work both on a local computers and internet servers. To reach this goal we use two highly connected APis, Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP. Our platform integrates different type of tools, the three most important being: (i) A table tools for Heatmap drawing and manipulation. (ii) Genome viewer for displaying gene expression array, tiling array, and RNA-Seq data along with proteomic and genomics data. This genome viewer is able to load quickly every data using streaming techniques, to zoom through the data from a nucleotide scale to a genome-wide scale, and overlay heterogeneous “omics” data.  (iii) An expression atlas, inspired from EBI Expression Atlas, for easily design a query based tool which connects every genomics elements (genes, smallRNAs, antisenseRNAs) to the most relevant “omics” data.

In this talk, Christophe Becavin will show how to quickly setup a multi-omics website using BACNET technology (, and 3 heterogenous examples of websites which were developed with it (

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