We are happy to welcome you to the second edition of the UCA COMPLEX DAYS, held on Monday, 25 March 2019 at the Saint-Paul Hotel, NiceOrganized for a second time by the Academy of Complex Systems, this meeting aims at bringing together people who are working on Complex Systems. It fosters exchanges between researchers (students, post-docs and senior scientist) from different scientific areas and will be the best place to discuss and share our work within the academic community. 

During this day, 4 plenary scientific presentations, showing 4 different visions of complex systems across 4 different disciplines will be given by invited keynote speakers from the broad field of complex systems.  They will be intersected by poster session, in plenary: flash presentations of posters for no more than 5 minutes.


Three prizes will be awarded at the end of the day!

Two will be offered to doctoral students to reward the best flash talk and the best poster and the third prize will be offered to a post-doctoral candidate for the best flash talk. The Award: payment of travel expenses for the successful doctoral student and/or post-doctoral fellow to participate at an international conference (up to a maximum of €2000/person), with the obligation to mention the UCA funding support. Please note that an equivalence of 4 hours of transversal doctoral training or 1/3 ECTS will be provided to doctoral students (EDSFA/STIC) who have attended the Complex Days meeting.

To present your poster during this day, send us an abstract of the topic you are working on before Friday, 8 February 2019

The abstract can be on any topic within the scope of the Academy of Complex Systems and must be written in English and intelligible. The keyword for this day is transdisciplinarity, notably through accessible presentations, adapted for a broad, heterogeneous audience.

The Academy possesses a remarkably broad spectrum of scientific activities involving complex systems from mathematical to societal models, including complex environment physics, extreme phenomena, networks in the broad sense of the term, systems biology and chemical interactions. Creating and reinforcing links between teams from different domains ; combining existing skills in UCAJEDI in modeling and simulation of complex systems in order to place them effectively in the service of current significant societal issues and encouraging the identification of common methodological approaches and the emergence of shared study objects in transversal research topics are the main goals of the Academy of Complex Systems.


8h45 - 9h00      : Registration and Welcome Coffee

9h15 - 10h00    : Keynote Lecture, Márton Karsai :  

                          "Socioeconomic dependencies of linguistic patterns and their inference in Twitter"

10h00 -10h30   : Coffee break

10h30 - 11h15  : First session of posters ”flash talk”

11h15 - 12h00  : Keynote Lecture, Jean-Louis Dufresne :

                           "Confidence and uncertainties in climate change projections: 

                            Role of model construction and model analysis"

12h15- 13h45   : Networking lunch

13h45 - 15h00  : Second session of posters ”flash talk”

15h00 -  17h00  : Coffee/ Posters Session

17h00 - 17h45   : Keynote Lecture, Christian Rey

                           "Some Challenges of Tomorrow's Design System for Complex Systems"

17h45 - 18h30   : Keynote Lecture, Nadine Peyrieras : 

                            "Multilevel dynamics in metazoan morphogenesis"

18h30                : Aperitif and Awards Ceremony

 20h                   : Closing dinner


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Flash talks

Mauro Napoletano - OFCE-SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL - Keywords: endogenous networks, complex dynamics, emergent properties, financial fragility, interbank markets, asset price dynamics, banks leverage.

Contribution title: Leverage-driven cycles and complex dynamics in a model with endogenous network formation

Celine Cohen - INPHYNI - Keywords: Wetting, Hysteresis, Contact line dynamic, Complex Surfaces, Capillary bridge, Impalement, Condensation

Contribution title: The capillary bridge technique to study superhydrophobic surfaces.

Bruno Marcos - Dieudonné - Keywords: Statistical Physics, out-of-equilibrium, Brownian dynamics

Contribution title: Two-temperature Brownian dynamics of a particle in a confining potential

Aurelien Larcher - Mines ParisTech, CEMEF, CFL - Keywords: multiphase flows, conservative levelset, anisotropic mesh adaptation

Contribution title: High fidelity conservative and adaptive levelset method for complex two-fluid flows

Enrico Formenti - I3S Laboratory - Keywords: Discrete dynamical systems, cellular automata, sensitivity to initial conditions, decidability

Contribution title: Decidability of sensitivity to initial conditions and equicontinuity for linear high-order cellular automata over Z_m

Duc Quang Tran - Institut de Physique de Nice (INPHYNI), UCA, CNRS UMR7010 - Keywords: Biophysics, Phytophthora, zoospores

Contribution title: Swimming of individual Phytophthora Parasitica zoospores in water

Mattia Guerini - OFCE-SciencesPo - Keywords: Agent-Based Economics, Industrial dynamics, Credit constraints

Contribution title: Borrowing constraints, banks' time horizons and industry evolution

Anselmo Pereira - Centre de mise en forme des matériaux (CEMEF) - Keywords: yield stress fluid; rheology; viscous jet; capillary, viscous, gravitational and inertial forces; geometry; droplet impact; buckling instability; stretching breakup; container filling

Contribution title: Impact, buckling, and breakup of yield stress fluid droplets, jets and filaments

Federica Spoto - Lagrange - Keywords: Solar System Gaia mission Asteroids Celestial Mechanics

Contribution title: Detection of non-gravitational perturbations in the Gaia era

Nicolas Bruot - Institut de Physique de Nice, CNRS, UCA & Institut de Biologie de Valrose, Inserm, CNRS, UCA - Keywords: Puncture; Crack propagation; Candida albicans; Nanoindentation

Contribution title: Mechanics of filamentous growth in soft materials

Vanni Fabio - OFCE SciencesPo - Keywords: Complex evolving network, burstiness, temporal complexity, anomalous fluctuation, stochastic processes

Contribution title: Time-scale free networks class with anomalous bursty dynamics

Slepneva Svetlana - INPHYNI - Keywords: swept source lasers, time-delay dynamical systems, optical coherence tomography, semiconductor devices, modulational instability, Nozaki-Bekki holes, laminar - turbulent transition

Contribution title: Dynamics of Fourier Domain Mode Locked laser

Sylvain Bonnefond - InPhyNi - Keywords: Stimulated Emission, Multiple Scattering, Fluorescence signal, TiO2-Nanoparticles

Contribution title: Light Amplification by multiple scattering in living systems

Thomas Perez - LJAD - Keywords: Strongly correlated electron pairs, Polynomial complexity, Pauli matrix geminals

Contribution title: Geometrical constraints to reduce complexity in quantum molecular systems

rami mantach - crhea - Keywords: GaN, growth, semiconducteurs, patterning..

Contribution title: Thin SOI: a substrate dedicated to optimal growth of semi polar nitrides and heterostructures

Claudio Barbieri - GREDEG - Keywords: Eurozone, EU Imbalances, Government Yields, Networks, Random Matrix Theory

Contribution title: Synchronization of Government Yields in the Eurozone

Omar Boughdad - Institut de physique de Nice - Keywords: fluids of light, complex media, nonlinear optics

Contribution title: Superfluidity of light in a bulk nonlinear crystal

Chahrazade Bahbah - CEMEF Mines Paristech - Keywords: Convective reactive level set \sep Scaled Heaviside function Anisotropic multi criteria mesh adaptation Conservative interpolation

Contribution title: Accurate Adaptive Eulerian Framework for Liquid-gas-solid Interactions

Adrien Garcia - Institut de Chimie de Nice - Keywords: Life, chirality, meteorites

Contribution title: The Asymmetry of Life

JESUS SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ - INPHYNI - Keywords: Aquatic locomotion, inviscid flow theory

Contribution title: Simple model for aquatic locomotion

FIAN ASSEMIEN - PERSEE Mines ParisTech - Keywords: Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube,Thermal separation, Computational fluid dynamics

Contribution title: Numerical study of the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube

Thea Ragon - GEOAZUR - Keywords: Earthquakes slip models, Inverse Problem, Bayesian inference, Uncertainties

Contribution title: Uncertainties in earthquakes source estimates

Cedric Bouysset - ICN - Keywords: tast, chemistry, molecular modeling, GPCR, machine learning

Contribution title: Modeling taste perception from chemical structures

Christophe D Angelo - INPHYNI - Keywords: Impacts, bounce, restitution, soft elastic solid

Contribution title: Impacts of bicomposite elastic projectiles

Luca Fontanelli - GREDEG, University Côte D’Azur - Keywords: computational economics, industrial dynamics, international trade, Pólya urn, complex systems

Contribution title: Technological competition and international trade in markets with dynamic increasing returns

Allende Sofia - MINES ParisTech - Keywords: Fibers Turbulence


Agustin Gabriel Yabo - Inria Sophia Méditerranée - Keywords: Optimal Control, Non-linear dynamical systems, Mathematical modelling, Bacteria growth, Biotechnology

Contribution title: Bacterial growth strategies as Optimal Control problems: maximizing metabolite production

Nino Kukhaleishvili - INPHYNI / iBV - Keywords: Candida albicans, Turgor Pressure, Filamentous growth, Puncture

Contribution title: Determination of turgor pressure of filamentous yeast

Eman Ahmed - I3S - Keywords: Fetus human, movement, goal, sensory-motor loop

Contribution title:  Modeling of Goal-oriented Human Motion Evolution using Hidden Markov Models

Mejia Julian - INPHYNI - Keywords: Biophotonics, Mechanobiology, Acoustic Force, Fabry-Perot Interferometer, Transpor of Intensity Equation, Cellular deformation

Contribution title: Detection Methods of Cell Deformability

Benjamin Reeves - ICN - Keywords: uranium, sea urchins, radionuclides, sea water

Contribution title: Studying the behaviour of radioactive elements on Earth through an example, uranium and sea urchins

Junfeng CHEN - CEMEF Mines ParisTech - Keywords: random shape; drag; lift; convolutional neural networks

Contribution title: Drag-lift prediction for random 2D shapes with supervised neural networks in low-Reynolds flow

A Look Back

For this second edition of the Complex Days, the sun was not the only one to shine that day. Researchers, post-doctoral fellows and PhD students also distinguished themselves by presenting their research topics within 3 minutes. Indeed, three of them won a prize.


For further information, please contact Ketty Guillouzouic, project officer of the Academy of Complex Systems:

Organizing committee:

  • Mederic Argentina
  • Jérémie Bec
  • Gilles Bernot
  • Yves D'Angelo
  • Elie Hachem