Seminar of Professor Francis LEVI - "Cancer Chronotherapeutics in the Era of Personalised and Precision Medicine"

- Monday October 1st, 2018 at 4pm - Théatre - Grand Château Valrose, Nice -


Pr Françis LEVI is an MD, PhD, Professor of Biomedicine and Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS.

He belongs to the Cancer Chronotherapy Team, School of Medicine, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom and the European Associated Laboratory “Personalising Cancer Chronotherapy through Systems Medicine (C2SysMed)" of INSERM UMRS 935, Villejuif, and Warwick University, Coventry.

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Background: Precise circadian timing of anticancer treatments significantly impacted on survival in preclinical models and cancer patients. Yet, optimal circadian timing can vary according to host Circadian Timing System (CTS), and tumour characteristics.

Purpose: To determine the relations between minimally-invasive CTS biomarkers and anticancer drug chronopharmacology for optimizing cancer chronotherapeutics in individual patients.

Methods: The following CTS biomarkers are considered: 24-h patterns in telemonitored rest-activity, body temperature, serum/salivary glucocorticoids and melatonin, and clock genes transcription in mouse organs and tumours, including dynamic in vitro/in vivo imaging, and single tissue biopsy omics data. A systems approach to cancer chronotherapy is combining in vitro and in silico ODE-based mathematical modelling. Our goal is the integration of circadian rhythms into e-Health platforms.

Results: Statistically significant differences were found for cancer chronotherapeutics effects, according to light-dark and feeding environment, sex, and genetic background in laboratory rodents. Such moderation of the CTS accounted for differences in optimal timing and amplitude of chronotherapeutic effects, as shown for several anticancer medications in randomized international clinical trials involving patients with gastrointestinal cancers. Sex, age, lifestyle and cancer can also modify human CTS biomarkers during the subjects’ usual routine, as shown in real time using e-health tele-monitoring sensors and platforms in past and ongoing clinical projects.

Conclusions and perspectives A systems approach enable the modeling of both body clocks functions and anticancer drug chronopharmacology. Results from circadian biomarkers studies and molecular clock assessments support the need for tailoring chronotherapeutic delivery algorithms to the patients’ CTS.



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