ANR grant A.Burger

Congratulations to Pr. Alain Burger awarded ANR - PRC – CE09-Nanomatériaux et nanotechnologies pour les produits du futur with the project PFPImaging: Programmable Fluorogenic Probes for Super-Resolution Imaging.

The development of super resolution microscopy techniques has been a major breakthrough enabling imaging with resolution below the optical diffraction limit while retaining the minimally invasive nature of conventional fluorescence microscopy. However, these techniques have not given their full potential in spatial and temporal resolution. With the development of instrumentation and signal processing, chemistry can be a major player in achieving this goal. To rationally tackle this problem, the PFPImaging project proposes the development of exquisitely tuned fluorogenic and blinking probes for the super-resolution imaging of cellular targets. The new probes should be adaptable to the observation of proteins and nucleic acids of cytoplasm, nucleus and other cellular compartments. This multidisciplinary project combines organic  chemistry, biophysics and biology. It brings together two teams with complementary expertise and knowledge (Pr. Alain Burger, Institut de Chimie de Nice, UMR 7272 and Pr. Yves Mély, Laboratoire de Bioimagerie et Pathologies, UMR 7021, Strasbourg)

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