Offres de post-doc

Offres de post-doc

  • Post-Doctoral position in Polymer Chemistry (lien)
Eco-friendly and Bio-based polymers
Duration of the project : 12 months, starting in september 2019. Application: please provide a CV with list of publications/patents and the name/contact details of two reference persons.
To apply (detailed CV + cover letter) please contact: Prof. Nicolas SBIRRAZZUOLI & Dr Nathanaël GUIGO,


  • Offre de contrat Post-doctoral (12 mois) en chimie des produits naturels (lien)

Le poste est à pourvoir début juin, dans les locaux du groupe MVBV, au sein de l’ICN, Nice.

Date limite des candidatures : 30 avril 2019.

Salaire : 3714 €/mois brut
Pour plus d’informations : ; ;
Merci d’adresser vos candidatures (CV et lettre de motivation) à : Xavier Fernandez, ICN & Pauline Burger, NissActive
ICN - Tél : ; Courriel :
NissActive - Tél : ; Courriel :

  • 2 Post-doctoral positions in Organic chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry– University of Nice - ICN

Design, synthesis and optimization of new Targeted therapy agents with anti-melanoma activity, lien

Team : Molécules Bioactives.
Contacts : Dr. Rachid Benhida & Dr. Cyril Ronco

Duration: 12 months x 2 fixed term contract
Application deadline: 28/02/2019 Starting date: From March 2019

  • Post-doctoral position– University of Nice - ICN
ERC Starting Grant “A-Life”, lien
‘The asymmetry of life: towards a unified view of the emergence of biological homochirality’
Applications written in English, German or French should be sent to Cornelia Meinert (combined as one pdf file), and should include:
(1) cover letter / (2) CV including your scientific skills, your research experience and a complete list of publications

(3) a 3-page summary of your PhD thesis / (4) contact information for at least 2 referees (recommendation letters should be sent directly to Cornelia Meinert

  • Post-doctoral position– University of Nice - ICN

European Project H2020 “KaRMA2020”, lien
The aim of KaRMA2020 Project is the industrial manufacture and exploitation of sustainable raw materials from feather waste to develop innovative green products for high impact cross-sectorial markets.
To apply (detailed CV + cover letter) please contact Dr. Alice MIJA:

  • Post-doctoral position – University of Nice – ICN

European Project H2020 “ECOXY”, lien
ECOXY develop innovative bio-based epoxy resins and fibre reinforcements to produce new sustainable and techno-economically competitive FRTCs by targeting advanced functionalities: reparability, reprocessability and recyclability (3R).
To apply (detailed CV + cover letter) please contact Dr. Alice MIJA: