Séminaire de Bijaya Sahoo


Revisiting Atomic Parity Nonconservation Studies and Recent Developments

Parity nonconservation (PNC) in atomic systems arising from the nuclear spin independent (NSI) electron-nucleus neutral current interaction due to the exchange of Z-boson(s?) is an important source to probe physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) of elementary particles. Recently, we have performed rigorous calculations of electric dipole transition amplitude in the presence of PNC interaction in 133Cs to an accuracy of 0.25% using a perturbed version of the relativistic coupled-cluster theory. By combining our theoretical results with the corresponding measurement, we extract out a quantity known as the nuclear weak charge, and its deviation from its value in the SM of particle physics is used to place constraints on certain scenarios of new physics beyond the SM. In this talk, I shall discuss about the current status of atomic PNC studies and our recent developments in this roadway.
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