Séminaire de Philippe Grangier

27/09/2019 Sophia

Quantum cryptography with continuous variables

Despite the great progress in the implementations of quantum key distribution (QKD) in recent years, QKD remains a technically demanding and costly technology, which hinders its widespread use for high-security applications. Various directions are currently explored to improve on this issue, such as the photonic integration of QKD devices, which can play a crucial role by reducing size and cost by several orders of magnitude, or the use of continuous variable (CV) QKD, which is much closer to standard optical telecommunication techniques than discrete variable (DV) QKD. 
After reminding the basic principles of using CV and DV in quantum optics, we will present  current progress of CVQKD, in particular about on-chip CVQKD based on integrated silicon photonics, and on the  implementation of CVQKD using state-of-art coherent optical telecommunication techniques. This illustrates the potential of CVQKD for a widespread use in communication networks.
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