Specialty optical fibre fabrication

Specialty optical fibre fabrication


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The Specialty Optical Fibre (SOF) platform is a technologic facility dedicated to the fabrication of innovative optical fibres for research aims/projects.

We manufacture and characterize specialty optical fibers based on silica, with a variety of core compositions, structures and optogeometrical properties, as well as a variety of cladding shapes. To contribute to research and development projects directed by the FOA team, the FOS platform is a very versatile facility, open to collaborations and services (conditions apply).

The FOS platform has particularly focused on the fibre doping with optically active elements (rare-earths or transition metal elements), on the nanostructuration of the core material, and on specific modal properties : chromatic dispersion, modal sieving, coupled multicore, cladding « chaotic » shaping, D-shaped cladding, polarization maintaining, etc.

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